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E5 Collective Instructor Training Course


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E5 Collective is a training format designed to reach a broad range of people with smart, effective fitness programming using simple methods and minimal equipment. E5 Collective is based on the science around variability training, cognitive health and brain training, play and mindset. E5 Collective is the program that packages together innovative approaches and creative strategies, to help our clients and participants improve their health and fitness in a fun, accessible and inclusive way.

E5 Collective serves all fitness levels and is delivered with coaching intended to foster an unbreakable spirit and a positive mindset! E5 Collective is a method easily used by trainers working with individuals, groups, teams, youths or active older adults, and can be executed with minimal equipment, or if necessary, adapted to use none at all.

Prepare to endure, engage, push and recover! and "E"xplore the "5" actions you can take to be stronger in mind and body!

Available Course Credits

ACE 0.50
ACSM 5.00
AFAA 4.00
FAI 5.00
NASM 0.40

Learning Objectives

1. Explain the purpose of E5 Collective, the reasons behind its creation, and the intentions of the program design.

2. Identify the details behind the scientific anchors of E5 Collective, including variability training, cognitive health, mindset, and play, and how they are incorporated into the format and structure.

3. Explain the class format design by segment and gain an understanding of segment objectives, essential elements and structure.

4. Understand the recommendations and strategies for the coaching and instruction of E5 Collective experiences, including details around safety, providing modifications, music, timing and transitions.

5. Learn how to program an E5 Collective session and receive the tools to do it successfully; Demonstrate competence with practical submission.

6. Understand the opportunities that accompany becoming an E5 Collective team member

Course Procedure

1. Enroll in the course.

2. Sign the course waiver.

3. Complete each module, which includes passing each assessment with a score of 100%. Assessments may be taken as many times as needed.

4. Upload practical assessment. Achieve a score of PASS.

5. Print out certificate.

Course Content

Module 1: E5 Collective Instructor Training Course Introduction
Module 2: The Science Behind E5 Collective
Module 3: Class Design
Module 4: Coaching and Class Instruction
Module 5: Thank you and Next Steps

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About E5 Collective®

E5 Collective® is a smart, effective fitness program designed to reach a broad range of people using simple methods and minimal equipment. The E5 Collective® experience incorporates innovative programming for building resilient bodies, fostering cognitive health and instilling a mindset and attitude of community, positivity, tenacity and confidence.

Train your brain. Train your body. Challenge your belief system.

Change your game with E5 Collective®.

CEC Approved: 5 ACSM, .5 ACE, 5 FAI, 4 AFAA, .4 NASM